Consultation (Individual)

Initial Consultation (1hr) = $170

Follow on Consultation from initial consult (30min) = $75  

1 hour consultation (no written report) = $100

6 week accountability package:

Initial consultation + weekly follow up consults for 5 weeks = $480


12 week package:

Initial consultation + 4x follow up consults  = $440

​Consultation (Couple/Family):


Initial consultation (1.5hr) = $240

Follow on consultation (40min) = $95

Initial consultations and follow ups include a written report with your goals and information related to your consultation.  Your meal guide will be tailored to suit.  

You can have a consultation with me without the written report that follows.  

​Terms and conditions:

  • Balanced Nutrition & Fitness promises to ensure your details and information given are kept confidential.

  • I understand that any cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice will result in a 50% fee. If the account has already been paid a 50% refund will be issued. (Greater than 24 hours = 100% refund/no payment required).

  • Price is inclusive of consultation time and all time to prepare paperwork (meal plans/notes) following your appointment. 

  • If travel is required a travel fee might be added dependent on distance.

  • Please discuss payment options with me as split payments can be made for packages.

You might be able to claim your service on health insurance.  

Check your policy to see what you can claim


I have a small personal training space at home where I specialise in clients needing help with general fitness for health benefits, strength endurance or, functional movements.  I also specialise in strength endurance training for recreational sports events.  

I can provide individualised programmes for you to do in your own time and we update these when needed

30 minute session = $40

45 min session = $50


Small group training (max 3):

30 minute = $45 

45 min session = $60

Programme creation = $80 for initial creation

$30 for upgrade after 3 months


Food Sensitivity Test = $350

Includes initial consultation.


*Additional testing = $120


**Please enquire about testing for children.  


When do we use this test:

When we suspect intolerance or reactivity to a food where symptoms are presenting but there could be multiple or unknown triggers.  

How will this test help you? 

It tests a broad range of foods which will allow us to restrict or eliminate these from your lifestyle diet and having you seeing results and feeling great.